In Bloom

In Bloom is a for-profit Jujutsu Kaisen zine with a flower theme.Our Ajisai Bundle is still available for the time being!


  1. What is a zine? A zine (a.k.a. a fanzine/fan magazine) is an unofficial compilation of fanart and fanfiction often accompanied by merchandise.

  2. What are the zine's specifications? The zine will be printed physically in 8.5 x 11, along with physical merch. A digital PDF will also be available.

  3. How many contributors will be accepted? We will be accepting 25 artists, 5 writers, and 5 merch artists.

  4. How will contributors be compensated? Our main goal is to be able to compensate our contributors with a free copy. Giving back to contributors is the highest priority. However, in case we do not break even, they will be allowed to buy it at production cost.

  5. How will profits be split? They will be split evenly amongst contributors and mods after production expenses.

  6. Will it be platonic or will ships be allowed? We will be allowing ships, but for the comfort of the people involved and/or purchasing the zine, problematic and Dead Dove content will not be permitted.

  7. Is the zine SFW or NSFW? This zine will be strictly SFW.

  8. Will there be guests? No; all contributors in the zine will be accepted through the application process.

  9. Can minors apply? Yes! We only ask you to be at least 13 at the time of submitting your application. If you are not over 18 by the time leftover sales close, you must either obtain a guardian’s permission to receive financial compensation or it will be donated to charity.


PeriodStart DateEnd Date
Interest CheckSept 17Oct 17
Contributor ApplicationsOct 25Nov 25
Contributor ResultsDec 10-
ConceptsDec 18Dec 27
Check-in 1Jan 20Jan 26
Check-in 2Feb 17Feb 23
Final SubmissionsMar 17Mar 23
Pre-ordersApr 29Jul 18
ProductionJul 19TBD


Maia head, org. & socmed

Bella organization & writing

Leafy writing intern

Austin art

Kei graphics & formatting

Grey finance & shipping